Luís Figo

Luís Figo (1972 - )

Luís Figo


Luís Figo

Having won the prestigious 2000 European Player of the Year Award and the 2001 FIFA World Player of the Year award, Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo is regarded as the one of the best soccer players in the world having played for FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Sporting Lisbon.

Figo was born in the working-class Almada district of Lisbon in 1972. He began his career as a street footballer at Os Pastilhas before joining Sporting Lisbon at the age of 11 and made his first debut at the age of 16. In the same year, he Figo became a world champion as part of the Portuguese Under-16 squad, which he repeated two years later in the Under-20 category. His success continued and at the age of 23, when Figo was already wearing the captain's armband.

In the1995-1996 season, Figo signed two contracts with Juventus and Parma and was prohibited by FIFA moving to Italy for two years. The situation was resolved for him by signing a contract with FC Barcelona. Figo had great success in domestic and international leagues with FC Barcelona. In 1997, they won the Cup Winners' Cup and the European Super Cup, they clinched consecutive Spanish league titles in 1998 and 1999, and lifted the Spanish Cup in 1997 and 1998.

Despite all the sporting success was named World Footballer of the Year in 2001 - Figo has always preferred to have a modest private life and recently married Swedish photo model Helen Swedin. The have three daughters named Daniela, Martina and Stella.

Luís Figo is nowadays one of the main Portuguese symbols and ambassadors. Many Portuguese travelling outside southern Europe get "Oh! Figo! Figo!" as a reply, when saying they are Portuguese.

Luis Figo Honours

  • 2000 Golden boot (Real Madrid)
  • 2002 Intercontinental Cup winner (Real Madrid)
  • 2002 European SuperCup winner (Real Madrid)
  • 2002 Champions League winner (Real Madrid)
  • 1997 Cup Winners Cup winner (FC Barcelone)
  • 1998 Primera League Champions (FC Barcelone)
  • 1999 Primera League Champions (FC Barcelone)
  • 2001 Primera League Champions (Real Madrid)
  • 2003 Primera League Champions (Real Madrid)
  • 1997 League Cup winner (FC Barcelone)
  • 1998 League Cup winner (FC Barcelone)
  • 2000 Intercontinental Cup Finals (Real Madrid)
  • 2000 European SuperCup Finals (Real Madrid)
  • 2004 Second du Championship d'Europe (Portugal)
  • 2002 League Cup Finals (Real Madrid)
  • 2004 League Cup Finals (Real Madrid