The Girls Guide to Shopping in Lisbon

This section is designed for girls-only. You will find all the information on clothing, shoes, accessories and cosmetics and also tips for Shopping in Lisbon.

Although Lisbon is a small city, it offers variety of shopping. You will be both surprised and delighted by the number and the variety of shops and shopping malls to suit all tastes from the cheaper brands to top international fashion brands in this city. In fact, even if you don’t like shopping, it is very likely to find yourself buying a couple of items after seeing the cheap prices. Whether you are a shopping addict or not, you will.

Ready? Let’s start with some useful tips:

  • If you're a Non-European Union resident you can enjoy Tax Free shopping (VAT or IVA in Lisbon) on goods purchased in Lisbon.
  • Bargain-hunters should note that the winter sales officially start on or around 26 December and their summer equivalents on or around 1 July. The best time to shop in Lisbon is the end of June and the end of December when you can buy all goods with up to 50% discount.
  • The big department stores (such as El Corte Ingles) and shopping malls (such as Colombo, Vasco de Gama,etc) open from 10am through to 11pm or midnight, Monday to Sunday. Smaller shops often close at 8pm.

Avenida da Liberdade

If you are looking for International brands then the best thing to do is walk down Avenidade da Liberdade. Here you will find brands such as Luis Vuitton, Emporio Armani as well as Trussardi, Burberry, Longchamp and Escada. It’s a lovely street to wander down, wide and occupied with cafes where you can take a break. However in the international stores be prepared to pay the same prices as you would in any of these shops in Paris or London.

Emporio Armani

Av. da Liberdade, 220
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)
One of the most successful designers in the global fashion industry, created a niche for himself with his elegant designs. Here you can buy timeless, chic and elegant clothes. If you want to look like a super-star, this is the right address!

Luis Vuitton

Av. da Liberdade, 190
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)
Every girl needs one of Luis Vuitton bag in life! However expensive, its design is stylish and will make you belle wherever you go. Don’t miss it!


Av. Miguel Bombarda, 83
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)
Trussardi’s style is a mixture of naturalness and seductivity. You can buy magnificent leather goods and accessories as well as ready-to-wear lines.


Rua Manuel Jesus Coelho 4 B
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)
Escada is appealing for women of any age. It is for glamourous, confident and feminine women who like bright colors and daring patterns.


Avenida da Liberdade, N A
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)
If you say, “I don’t drink coffee, I take my tea, dear!” you are in the right address! A trenchcoat by Burberry will make you look knockoff. Only for wonder girls who like British fashion.


Avenida da Liberdade, 196
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)
Gorgeously designed Furla luxury leather bags and other accessories must for a chick outlook. Here you can buy timeless, wonderful items.

Fashion Clinic

Avenida da Liberdade, 249
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)

As its name suggests, this is a place where you can find all international brands such as Prada, D&G, Miu Miu, DKNY etc. in one single shop. If you don’t want to visit all the shops one by one, this shop could serve as a great alternative.


Av. da Liberdade, ___
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)

This shop offers upmarket branded Disney clothes product both for adults and children. If you are looking for quality, beautiful and fun clothes this is the right place!


Av. da Liberdade, ___
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)
Lanidor is one of Portugal’s most popular shops for women and offers a great collection for your basics. It is not expensive and you can find several different styles matching your taste. The shop also has a lovely café in its interiors.

Purificación Garcia

Av. da Liberdade, 220
Metro: Avenida (Blue Line)

Purificación García is a great choice for women searching for contemporary all-day wear. The tailoring is very good, so if you are on the lookout for smarter/work clothes then this could be your place.

Rua Augusta & Baixa

Rua Augusta is situated in one of the busiest quarters of Lisbon. Closed to traffic, this pedestrian-only street offers a great variety of shopping options. Here you can shop in big European chain-stores like Zara, Mango or H&M or , near the arch, you will find peddlers selling you all sorts of things from neck-scarves to jewellery, from shoes to hand-made bags. Although most of them cater to tourists, you'll commonly find locals on their work breaks hanging out in the streets to have a coffee and a snack.

Peddlers selling all kinds of things also include drugs, so be aware! The drug sellers most likely will approach you and ask “Hash?” Don’t worry, they will not harm you, however it is always good to know they are always there. Just ignore them and enjoy your shopping.

Rua Augusta 71
Zara is one of Spain’s most popular shops especially for women of all ages. Here you can find great variety of clothing, formal to casual, at incredibly cheap prices. Its collection is marvelous and tailoring is really good.


Rua Augusta 43
Just as Zara, Mango is another popular high-street Spanish chain selling stylish women’s clothing. Slightly different than Zara, its style is quite stylish and has more of a Spanish style in color and fabrics. If you are on the lookout for smarter/work clothes then this could be your place.

The shops such as Mango and Zara offer great range of inexpensive shoes and accessories. It is worth keeping in mind.


Rua Augusta 220
Bershka is one of the most popular shops for Portuguese girls aging between 15-29. its collection is trendy and offers great deals for your basics. You can buy jeans for 19 Euros!


Rua Augusta
In the same line with Bershka, Stradivarius is for young girls who like to shop for trendy and stylish clothes. The jeans cost around 19-25 Euros, the sweaters start from 15 Euros

Freeport Outlet Shopping

The biggest outlet in Europe, where you can find everything you may need. Many international brands offer discounts up to 50% throughout the year. You can also find restaurants, thematic bars, cafés, cinemas and many other entertainment options.
Estrada Nacional nº 119, Canto do Pinheiro, Alcochete
Getting there: Bus leaves from the main bus terminal in Expo(next to Vasco de Gama Shopping Center)

Journey time: 35mins